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Our Board

We are looking for new national board members those interested please contact Marc Jacques Co-Director at marcjacques@mentalhealthadvocacyinc.org 

Those interested must have a lived experience of recovery, previous and relevant board experience, a working email and a Skype account (to attend e-board meetings) 

Gene Cook - Orlando FL
Gene is one of our founding members. He has served on many boards and as executive director of non- profits. He has a much needed understanding of business and a moving story of his lived experience with mental illness.    

Loretta King - Gaston, NC
A seasoned veteran of mental health advocacy Loretta has serves on the board of several mental health organizations. She has also been a staunch clubhouse advocate and associated with the her areas Mental Health Local Management Entity - Consumer and Family Advisory Committee  

 Lucy Wilmer - Washington, NC
 Lucy Wilmer has been involved with advocacy efforts in mental health since 2010. She is Vice-President for NAMI, Pitt  County, North Carolina, and has worked as a presenter for an Anti-Stigma campaign in Edgecombe County, North  Carolina targeting children in the 4th and 5th grades. Additionally, Lucy is a graduate student in the Technical and  Professional Communication program at East Carolina University with aspirations to work in medical writing as well as  to continue her advocacy efforts. Special interests as related to mental health issues include depression and anxiety,  children's mental health issues, and suicide prevention.

Kent Earnhardt PhD JD - Raleigh NC 
Kent is a respected and seasoned advocate and one of our founding members. He has a PhD & JD (Juris Doctorate) and has served on numerous boards and committees while advocating for Recovery and the Consumer experience. Kent also belongs to other consumer organizations. A person with the lived experience Kent is always there to lend a hand and his sense of humor which de-stresses volatile situations. His knowledge of mental health and the Americans with Disabilities ACT serves our board well in our mission. 

  James Bouwknegt - Raleigh NC - 
  James is the consummate gentleman and a great peer advocate and mentor helping of those living in the community.           James shares his lived experience and collected knowledge to help people like ourselves find resources in the community.    Always with a smile, he inspires with his kindness and deep understanding of the experiences of people receiving public  mental health services.  

 Debra Kindervatter - Wilmington NC

 James Perry - Raleigh NC
 A strong advocate for the addictions community James has mentored many in twelve step recovery.  He is the current  editor in chief of "Recovery Daily" a social media daily post motivating readers towards recovery and self esteem. Perhaps  his real niche is Information Technologies and hands on computer science. Always willing to help he has help us fix our  computers more than once.