We are people in recovery from mental illness who have joined together to help people like ourselves find mental health faster and better than we ourselves were able to do. Find answers "faster" as you benefit from our experience as we have benefited from the advocates that went before us. Our lives, freedoms and new public recovery orientated mental health services are the direct product of their hard work and we will not forget them.

 We maintain that mental health recovery comes from within the person with the right supports. Join us in your own journey of recovery.

 We are Peer-Supporters. Peer-support is an essential part of the recovery process. Countless people who have a lived experience with mental illness have shared with another what helps them, overcome situations, symptoms or just good health information. Pure peer-support is different from the "Certified Peer Specialist" role you may have heard about. You do not have to be a "certified peer specialist" to participate in peer-support.  You only have to be a person who is willing to share with another what has been helpful to you.

 This does not to diminish the "Certified Peer Specialist" role in any way. The "Certified Peer Specialist" role is an enormously important way to value the lived recovery experience of individuals living with mental illness. It is of tremendous value to people seeking recovery and applies to the way a mental health service system can get government reimbursement for providing intentional peer-support services. What better way to honor people's wellness efforts than with employment helping others also get well.

 Mental Health Advocacy Inc. values and advocates for both peer roles, that of pure/natural peer-support and that of the "Certified Peer Specialist." We will connect people to both opportunities of support, training and information.                                                    


      "We are not in competition with any other consumer organization, but believe in collaboration and cooperation toward our common goals of better quality of life, inclusion and recovery for people living with mental illness."

                                        Marc Jacques & Diane Waye – Co Directors

NAMI Consumer Council Honors Advocate for People Living with Mental Illness

Seattle WASHINGTON, June 30, 2012 

The Consumer Council of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) honored Marc Jacques of North

 Carolina at NAMI's national convention in Seattle, June 27-30

Jacques received the Ken Steele Award, recognizing his efforts to empower individuals living with mental illness and improve their lives. He has fought to overcome the stigma associated with mental illness for over 25 years and has become a powerful advocate for the inclusion of recovery principles and language in state policies and service definitions.

The Consumer Council is an advisory body to the NAMI Board of Directors, consisting of individuals who have or have had a mental illness. Each state and the District of Columbia are represented on the Council.

The Ken Steele Award is named in honor of a national consumer leader who wrote The Day the Voices Stopped: A Memoir of Madness and Hope, about his battle with schizophrenia and advocacy career. He died in 2000

                  Marc Jacques          
Seattle Washington June 30, 2012           

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