Recovery Education

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Recovery Documentary Page
Probably one of the best places to start is with this recovery documentary. It is an easy watch despite its seven parts - each part is not very long. Created by Jason Dudas and narrated by Nick Cloney the documentary covers the 10 fundamentals of recovery, historical information about treatment of people considered mentally ill, the hope of recovery, responsibility and self-direction, empowerment and peer support, Peer programs and peer leadership. It is very good, we have watched each part several times and are still learning and I am continually inspired by the stories of people. 

The Wellness Center
The Wellness Center is chock-a-block full of health information. Naturopathic suggestions around the use of herbs and supplements, an in depth look and useful techniques on how to beat stress, information suggestions and tips on how to use music as a coping skill, important information on the link between exercise and a healthy mind. All information is based on good science and research and time tested by many people in recovery. Enjoy as you learn different ways to manage different parts of you health to realize a healthy mind and body.  


Humor for Healing
Humor for Healing is an in-depth look on the use of humor to heal the mind and body. Based on years of research from many sources - not least of which is Dr. Patch Adams of the esteemed Gesundheit Institute .  Giggle, laugh and enjoy as you learn that laughing has both physical and emotional health benefits. Read our joke-book watch the carefully picked videos and participate in the experience of humor. Many visitors to our website have commented on this section as a feel good experience worth coming back to. We update this section the most with new jokes and videos so come on back once an a while and please, by all means, send us your favorite joke.

Recovery Video Page
Did you ever wonder about the advocates that came before? The Recovery Education Video Page is a blast from the past containing videos of both our seasoned advocates and our 
lost friends - without whose work and dedication the recovery movement might never have enjoyed its ever growing success. These people still inspire us as we see snippets of their successes that toppled institutionalization and motivated a movement that insisted on people's rights to live in the community and develop systems of care to help individuals with mental health challenges get well.

Positive Affirmations & Positive Thinking
This is a great page to learn about positive affirmations & positive thinking. Easy to understand, the page takes you step-by-step on how to use positive affirmations to change the negative feelings we all have around our mental health problems. The text includes some specific affirmations designed for mental health. You will also learn about the use of positive thinking and how to identify negative self-talk. Then read how-to recommendations to overcoming negative self-talk by intentionally replacing it with positive thinking.  

Recovery Blog
The Recovery Blog contains article after article of useful recovery information. This is a page full of useful information - it is important to scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the all that is offered. The page also is a resource page linking the reader to many recovery blogs throughout the internet. Not just written blogs but video and internet radio blogs as well; good for hours of interesting information when you are looking for something to do.  You will become the recovery expert of you community by regular visits to this page. 

Role Models
Years ago NAMI made a poster "people with mental illness enrich our lives"  of famous people with mental illness. Building on the idea and using names already published we created this page to make it absolutely obvious that people with mental health challenges can be successful. When we come to realize this for ourselves it motivates us to do better and keep trying when we sometimes get discouraged. Having a role-model in our mind we can say well they did it so can I. It is an absolute fact that if others can achieve great things then it is evidence that we too can achieve anything we apply ourselves to. Enjoy this page to its fullest by scrolling down to see people you  may recognize.

Healthy Diet
Did you ever hear the saying "you are what you eat?" It is an absolute certainty that our diet is linked to our mental health. We with mental health challenges have common health conditions caused by a number of factors including side effects of the medications we take. Science has demonstrated that we can eat our way to better health and improve not only our mental health but conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes without the use of more medication or as a complimentary strategy.Along with convincing articles and videos, we include fun food facts, recipes, and a food blog. Enjoy reading as you learn better health through nutrition.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan
The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a best practice workbook created by Mary Ellen Copeland. It is designed to guide the individual into identifying their own personal progression from being well to being less well. Identifying the steps in which a person starts becoming sick helps the individual to apply self-help with the goal to support the person and prevent becoming sicker and perhaps sick enough to need hospitalization. The WRAP also goes step by step in creating a crisis plan and also a plan for what to think about when to come home fro the hospital.

ADA overview
It is an unfortunate reality that stigma exists in our communities. Providers of services, landlords, public transportation and employers often trod on the rights of people with mental health issues. Knowing your legal rights is very important both to protect you from abuse and your mental health. Knowing your rights you can effectively self-advocate for yourself and often others as you recognize that your rights have been violated. Instead of stressing out, getting mad and perhaps acting out you will be able to arm yourself with appropriate action that is helpful.