Legal Rights

It is an unfortunate reality that stigma exists in our communities. Providers of services, landlords, public transportation, law enforcement and employers often trod on the rights of people with mental health issues. Knowing your legal rights is very important to protect your mental health and your rights. The goal of this page is to inform your rights. Knowing your rights you can effectively self-advocate for yourself and often others as you recognize that your rights have been violated. Instead of stressing out, getting mad and perhaps acting out in anger you will be able to arm yourself with appropriate action that is helpful. 

Disclaimer - all states have nearly the same rights but they are not exactly the same the examples of state rights and inpatient rights on this site are taken from North Carolina general statutes your state may vary. 

What does not vary are the federal rights given in the American's with Disabilities ACT (ADA) 

MH Rights and Laws
Community Rights        
Landlord & Tenet Rights        
Federal Rights